Arabian Horses

Arabian Horse Conformation and Breed Standard

Five key elements distinguish type

(descriptions in italics are quoted from the Breed Standards found in the Arabian Chapter of the USEF Rule Book):

Head – Comparatively small head, profile of head straight or preferably slightly concave below the eyes; small muzzle, large nostrils, extended when in action; large, round, expressive, dark eyes set well apart (glass eyes shall be penalized in Breeding classes); comparatively short distance between eye and muzzle; deep jowls, wide between the branches; small ears (smaller in stallions than mares), thin and well shaped, tips curved slightly inward

Neck – long arched neck, set on high and running well back into moderately high withers

Back – short back

Croup – croup comparatively horizontal

Tail – natural high tail carriage. Viewed from rear, tail should be carried straight 

The above qualities identify type in the purebred Arabian horse. If the horse has these qualities and correct conformation, we have our ideal standard.